Great Wedding Photography Makes The Day Complete

Destination Weddings in Florida have become increasingly popular for Florida residents and also for brides from all over the world. The beautiful weather in the Sunshine State allows for outdoor ceremonies, receptions and group photographs. Whether one wishes to be married at water's edge at the beach or in a cosmopolitan city like Miami, there is always a backdrop that makes the experience one of a kind.

Photographs taken during a wedding will stay with a couple throughout their marriage. Whether it is a wedding album that holds a special place on their coffee table, social media or their framed portrait forever frozen in time, a wedding is a special day to be remembered always.

Unfortunately too many couples rely on friends and family to commemorate their wedding day on film. This is a terrible mistake. Although the intentions of people around you can be genuine and sincere, their photographic abilities may be lacking in technique. With the occasion of a wedding, the person who takes your wedding pictures needs to be one who is thoroughtly trained at getting every shot perfect the first time around.

An Orlando Wedding Photographer is someone who should be called upon for wedding photography in the area. Only a photographer experienced in this region truly understands how to make sure every photo taken is unique. While many brides and grooms have their portrait taken in front of Cinderella's castle at Disney's Magic Kingdom, no one wants their photos to look just the same as the couple before them.

This is why it is always preferable to work with a Orlando Wedding Photographer who understands the unique approach to lighting needed to emphasize the beauty of the moment. Not only do you want people to see where your portrait has been taken, but how absolutely regal the wedding couple looks against this iconic scenic backdrop.

Melissa DeJong is a Florida Wedding Photographer who works by getting to know her subjects before she begins to take their picture. This might be to learn how a couple met or where they were when they officially got engaged. Through these stories, she is able to tailor her skills so that her subjects stand out as individuals.

By learning more about the bride and groom, she is additionally able to make sure that family members are also immortalized by her photographic expertise. When photographing a wedding and reception, Melissa is able to record the event without getting in the way. This allows everyone sitting in the audience to see exactly what is happening onstage without being upstaged by a photographic team. For more information and to see examples of her fine work, visit her website at Orlando Wedding Photographer.